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Whilst in school, our teachers would lecture us on reading newspapers, rubbing shoulders with the pace of the world. They would call us on podium just to deliver the news for the day. We would cringe at them, until we realised how important this was. Media as an institution enjoys enormous power and freedom. It unveils ‘the dark’ without speck of a fear and embraces ‘the bright’ with all its heart. We began adoring media, its power and but as said Spiderman’s Uncle, “With great power comes, great responsibility”, when we witnessed the sensationalism of news, twisting of facts, dirty ploys with events; we witnessed wrongful use of power –  bereft of accountable responsibility.

We grew disappointed. Centered around celebrities and “men worth a name”, some mainstream media companies dumped the core principle of unbiased and equal coverage. The disappointment grew into sadness. We consoled ourselves, but it hardly had to stop. Every morning, we would hear news of a big scandal, a car crash, pompous wedding of a rich brat and our day would start with a negative vibe. Gradually, this sadness metamorphosed into negativity and anger.


And then, one day we read a story of a street vendor who constructed a school for his village and that gave us inspiration to burn the midnight lamp. We studies willingly. Correct use of Media motivated us, energised us.

Few days passed, a social media page published a moving article on stereotyping women. We became free of prejudices. Some media companies made us smile, some made us cry, and some made us want to smash their faces. It was then, we learnt what we needed to do.


We aim to uncover story of a man who worked whole life to make two orphan kids study and excel in life or of once a renowned artist living a desolate life. We intend to make people look in the mirror of reality and face their prejudices, problems, and find solutions for them. Through the ink of our pen, rather the keys of our keyboard; we intend to bring about a positive change in society. We aim to change the mindsets of people. A difficult task, we have taken upon ourselves. Are you willing to help?

Let us know. 🙂

Just Remember: Nothing comes easy, but you are a warrior! And, I am ‘Batman’ :p

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