Jallikattu Ban Lifted: Cows Holy For Worship, Bulls Good For Slaughter?

Of Recent, a lot of chaos was observed over Beef ban – where the Hindutva-centred government and Hindus all over the nation went furious over butchering the holy cows for food. Incidents like Dadri Lynching proved religious fantasies matter more than human lives, now, as a ray of hope or slap of disgrace – caught in a labyrinth – It is evident Politics is above all. Eyeing elections next year, the Central Government has decided to lift the 5 year old Jallikattu ban in the state of Tamil Nadu to win support. of its people.

The move comes after sustained pressure from Tamil Nadu politicians like CM J. Jayalalitha, who cited its popularity in Tamil culture to pitch for lifting the ban. Icing on the cake as it seems, the move could have another interesting reason underlying. The sport of Jallikattu is viewed as a Hindu practice and, therefore, a ban on it, as an attack on religious freedom, even as a humiliation of Hindu tradition. The other sustained pressure was but obviously then, from the Hindutva lobby.

What never fails to astound most like me, is the double standards that the protectors and preachers of Hindutva portray. Whilst slaughtering cows is a religious blunder (even though Vedas do not ban Beef and many siants like Agastya and lords like Indra have often been cited enjoying cow’s progeny); torturing and slaughtering its male progeny – bull for a sport is no crime. Why?

“Gau hamari mata hai, Aur Bull hamara Pilla?”

Going by the facts, media reports claim that from 2010 to 2014, at least 1,100 people have been injured due to jallikattu-type events, and 17 people have died. Innumerable bulls have been tortured and left to die. In an investigation by the Animal Welfare Board of India. The evidence gathered during the inspection proved that no regulation can or will protect bulls from misery or people from injuries. The findings revealed that jallikattu is inherently cruel to animals and is a threat to human participants, spectators and any police or government representative assigned to monitor an event.

Crumbled from all sides and snapped to bite dust by PETA INDIA, why has this festival sport been resurrected? Is winning an election the only reason? Well, big enough though :/ . What definitions of Hindutva do its protectors define then? Is it not utterly absurd how the members of the same progeny are treated entirely different? With states like Haryana running gaushalasor bovine shelters out of state money and Rajasthan having a minister for cow welfare, does no one care for a bull? If Hindutva and the Bharatiya Janata Party strive to even provide comfort for stray bovines, how can they simultaneously allow the torture of a bovine for sport and merriment?

Well, the truth is that the Cow protection has little to do with religious beliefs, it is more of majoritarianism. Cows are used a symbol for uniting and mobilising Hindus across the nation. Cows serve as a Hindu brand and since, bulls do not – hence this indifference. The first-ever riots were driven on issues of cow slaughter. Ironically, it is only the beef ban which condemns slaughtering cow. Other important items necessitating cow slaughter have remained unperturbed by law.


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