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What To Do After 12th – Pursuing Higher Education

Now that board examination results of academic session 2015-2016 are out now. Students look forward to their college life after 12th. 11000 plus colleges are established in India currently, and the word college itself induces countless thoughts, vivid imaginations, and you sit at window sill contemplating your future in higher education.

Attending a college is about exposing yourself to oceans of opportunities. While one prepares oneself for college, perplexity about right college and most suitable course to choose from the wide array of courses after 12th is stagnant. Career Guidance from career counsellors provides a great deal of help to students who are unsure about selecting right kind of course.


It doesn’t matter if you’re not the topper of your class. Higher education is not constrained to academics. So, relax and take time to know yourself, your strengths and your weakness. This article will help you find out as to what to do after 12th or how to approach for higher education, here are some of the options you can explore-

• Pursue your higher education with your chosen stream.
Students those who’ve a decided career path prefer this option. For one reason, they’ve been preparing for it since last couple of years. If you’ve opted for science with PCB, you might want to go for MBBS, or other allied medical fields like dentistry, veterinary, etc. Also, bio chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, bioinformatics and pure sciences like botany, zoology, and research in biological sciences might be of your interest.
If you’re a non-med student, courses like engineering, architecture, design, Information Technology, and B.Sc in physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics etc can offer you promising career.
If you’ve completed your 10+2 with commerce, courses like B Com, BBA, B Com (Hons), Economics Hons, Bachelor in Business Economics can help you enhance your skills in the financial sector.
For a student with humanities background, there’s a wide array for you. You can specialize in English, Political Science, and many more subjects. You can study BA (programme) in your chosen subjects. University of Delhi offers wide range of courses for students of humanities.

• Pursue a professional course

The primary focus of professional courses is on skill building, self-improvement and career development. Commonly, one has to go through entrance exams after 12th to get admitted into a professional course. Students those who appear for the entrances for engineering and medicine their preparation starts as early as their 11th class. Some other professional courses that offer a prominent career are Law, Management, Hotel Management, Design, Mass communication and Journalism, etc. For those who wish to change their stream and enter a professional course can take a career assessment test. It will help you choose the course that matches best with your strengths i.e. Aptitude and Personality.

• Pursue higher education in different stream.

Often, students are not sure of their career path and they opt for a particular stream just to keep their options open after 12th. Well, now is the time to unfold your cards, and make a decision. You’ve got to choose the best suited course from various career oriented courses. You can always switch to other course and career options based on your interests and your aptitude. Many universities and colleges in India permit to switch streams for higher education, but with a few restrictions. For example a student from science stream can switch to commerce or humanities but there’s no vice versa possible. Although the student might have to encounter some subject related restrictions like in University of Delhi if you want to change your stream from science to commerce or commerce to humanities for that matter, 3 to 5 percentage of marks will be deducted from your grand total. Some universities demand Mathematics as a subject in class 12th if you want to graduate with the degree of Economics Hons. The bottom-line is one must not only explore the college and course but carefully examine the eligibility criteria. Preparing yourself beforehand will let you make the right decision in right time.

• Pursue higher education in a vocational subject.
Vocational courses are typically more skill-based and are comparatively practical than academic degrees. These courses don’t require years of coaching. However they do demand for your interest and certain amount of skill set. Per se Photography, Travel and Tourism and Office administration offer a successful career, but you’ve to be skilful enough to excel in that field. Students those who are unsure about their career and if mainstream courses do not interest you much, I strongly recommend you browse through the internet and find best suited vocational course for you. Many vocational courses don’t have stream constrained.


It’s not rare that students are often mistaken about their career path. Taking a session or two of career counselling can help you explore variety of options that suit your talent profile or will tell you alternative ways to reach your career goals. For example you want to study Literature and are not able to make it to BA English course. You can opt for a related course during graduation like BA (programme) and you can still complete your PG in English Hons. Proper career guidance helps you to reach your career goals.

Now you must be wondering how do I decide my career path to reach my career goal, or where do I start.
Start by career assessment. There are career mentoring programs which enable you to identify, nurture and create career choices accordingly. A few of new age career oriented programmes that have extensive network of renowned academicians, psychologists from global universities, hundreds of professionals from leading industries and career counsellors is exactly what a young mind needs. The assessment maps the talent and aptitude of a child. Presence of certain APTITUDES is the key factor that helps us in excelling a given activity or task. A good Career Assessment not only helps you to scale Aptitudes but also it explores the unseen sides of your Personality Traits and your Interest Profile.


Go for the course where you can optimally utilize your aptitude. Career counsellors at Apples 4 Newton interpret your Aptitude scores with maximum efficiency and they set you in the right direction to achieve your career goal.

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