Professional Guide: Use These Tactics To Improve Your Profile Picture On LinkedIn

Facebook is to social as LinkedIn is to professional.

Over the past decade, LinkedIn has become one of the largest professional network with more than 325 million professionals. Many of the top-notch companies refers to the LinkedIn profiles before recruiting, many even look for candidates directly over LinkedIn network. The virtual professional network has been tremendously transformed over the years and is now a personal branding tool where you have to just sell yourself in the best manner possible.

Maintaining your profile picture is one of the most crucial concern. Your first contact with the recruiter may not be your resume, but your profile picture. Recruiters doesn’t appreciate your “I Love My Life” or your “twirking” eyelashes selfies. LinkedIn network is not for flashing your 6 pack abs or stalking your college crush. The professional network is meant for getting in touch with your college alumnis, your past and present colleagues, hiring professionals, potential clients and other business related matters. A simple headshot serves the whole purpose and make you more potentially professional.

You are 15 times more likely to be viewed by a recruiter if you have a profile picture for your account. Here are few basic tips for your LinkedIn profile picture:-

  1. Use a clear and neat background.

Get yourself portrayed in front of a clear background. Messy or heavy background makes your picture ugly and a little of unprofessional.

  1. Smartphone camera works for the hour.

Don’t look for some professional photographer or some “Hubble telescope” like cameras. Go for your own smartphone.

  1. Make use of natural light.

Taking a shot in sunlight is better than anything. Avoid using fancy flashlights.

  1. Get yourself aligned properly.

Don’t look down towards the camera. Take a clean shot with your heads facing up. It makes your eyes look elegant and portrays your face better.

  1. It’s time to get suited.

Professional attitude comes with a professional attire. Get yourself properly dressed up and it’s time to say cheese.

  1. Don’t try to be chucklesome.


Get a shot with 20% humour, 35% of intensity, 30% of fear and rest with rigidity. Well, I was just kidding, you don’t need to get in such details. Get yourself feel relaxed and take a sober selfie. You just have to be what you are. Avoid pouting, chuckling etc etc.

  1. Cropping Your selfie.

Crop your selfie such that only your upper part is visible. Don’t try getting yourself fully marketed in your selfie. The recruiters just aim to have a look of who you are. They are least interested whether you have got six pack abs, a slim-lined waist or whatever.

Make sure you follow these rules and get yourself landed in your dream job. Avoid any kind of filtering and use your original photo. Keep updating your profile time to time so that you are proven the best option in your field.

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