How To Choose A Right Career After High School

High school is a beautiful place. You explore your personality in ways you never imagined. Believe it or not, this is one of the best times of your life. Your entire future lies ahead of you, you can shape it exactly the way you want to. And now is a great time to start thinking about it. Do remember that nothing in life is constant, it might as well happen, and that your career plans change too. As a matter of fact, experts have the opinion that the average person will change careers, more than five times in his or her lifetime, and this statistic is not only about jobs.
There are several interesting and lucrative career options in India apart from the clichéd ones like doctors, engineers, or civil services. You don’t have to necessarily follow the crowd. Do what you’re good at. In short, now is the time to pursue your dreams.
I’ve enlisted a few tips that will assist you in choosing the right career path.

1. ASSESS YOURSELF– No one knows you better than you do. Self exploration is mandatory in today’s competitive era. Also there are various career assessment tests available online and offline, which allow you to narrow your search, and get you most suitable fields. It is based on your interests, skill set and personality. Your pros and cons are balanced with respect to the various professions and then the result tells you what is best suited for you. There are so many opportunities, numerous types of jobs in a wide variety of industries – you can know about them all via these tests. Moreover several career paths are just emerging, even if you are confident of a career choice, take some time out, and make sure all your options are exhausted. You can take couple of career quizes for the same. It is not a comprehensive tool to decide your career, but it surely will lead you on the right trajectory.

2. ACQUIRE EXPERIENCE– The more you’re exposed to opportunities, the higher are the chances of getting your dream job or your favourite college. Look up on the internet; it is flooded with the internships for high-school students. Apply for work, volunteer and procure maximum experience in and out of school. Not only do these voluntary works help you in securing certificates, but also in developing a practical standpoint. Don’t be too concerned about the stipend, one or two thousand bucks won’t really matter, however the certificates of these internships in school will completely transform your plain CV. Work experience looks great on college applications, also they create an unique impression on future job applications. Do set your priorities straight, school and grades have to come first, so only work if you can balance your schedule, manage your time.

3. SEEK GUIDANCE FROM ELDERS– Never be too shy to ask for help, especially when it comes to explore different careers. Ask as many people as you can, be it family, neighbours, friends, teachers, and career counsellors who will tell you about their career and college experiences. Build an extensive network of experienced adults who are willing to guide you in your educational and career aspirations. And for careers that truly interest you, consider every advice you can get regarding that matter. Talk to maximum number of people you’re acquainted with. Your career counsellor will guide you better about career guidance and option exploration. Also know and understand your parents’ financial state and ask for their opinion first. Give a deep thought whether or not it is a wise move for your parents to fund your higher studies, and if it is worth it. The decision however, it ought to be yours. If you’re confident enough and you believe that you can live up to their expectation by pursuing your dream, then do so. Otherwise, look for other resources to sponsor your passion.

Role Of A Parent
Choosing a right career is first of the many crucial decisions for which you’ll have to seek parental guidance. Though it can be difficult for your parents to imagine their baby as an adult, but with the right approach, their guidance to create a passage to adulthood can be rewarding.
A good preparation for a child starts with writing about his or her academic and personal strengths and weaknesses, what extracurricular activities interests him or her, all the awards he or she has won in past 10 years, his or her class rank and CGPA. This is great practice for the application process as well. You, as a parent also need to put efforts to help your child succeed in achieving his or her career goals.
And don’t cross college off the list because you’re unsure about the tuition fee. Several institutions, and trusts fund offer financial help to meritorious students. For information about scholarships and other programs you can consult the school counsellor, the colleges’ financial aid offices, and your employer, who might offer scholarship programs.

You (Parents) too need assistance?
• You can gather information from the Internet. It is a right start for exploring the information on your child’s interests. Also enlist the aid of career counsellors, who will direct the child in the right direction.
• Pay close attention in your local library and stay in touch with the librarian. Apart from books and magazine articles on subjects of interest, the librarian can deliver some great and relevant information.
• Associations, both local and national, are available for many occupations. Find out their whereabouts and collect information on how to pursue particular career paths.
• Seek help of your friends, relatives, or others you know in different industries. Use their experience to help your child.
• Finally, resist the temptation to lecture. He doesn’t need an additional lecturer. Be supportive and enthusiastic. If your kid keeps changing his or her mind, have a brainstorming session with them, analyse the situation rationally and guide them thorough.

A Pro Tip
Don’t let anyone control your dreams, if you’re really good at something, don’t pass-up opportunities to learn and experience new things.

If you’ve any query or suggestion, do share them in comment section. I’ll be more than happy to answer.

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