The Most Prominent Myths About Students In Private Colleges

Now that you stay in India, you’d obnoxiosly be driven to the crowd of ‘dullest in generation’, if you are studying in any of the private colleges.  So welcome to the group. **Wry smiles**. Regardless of the fact your name resided in the topper’s list in your school days, and there are other brighter sides of you; your step into the private colleges embarks your dullness, no matter how elite these colleges have been.

Students of private institutes are stereotyped and looked down on. Their struggle includes tackling the ugly faces of a many “Sharma and Verma ji(s)” to the spine-bending peer pressure. Here are some common myths about them, which are nothing but utterly obsolete:

  • Only the most rejected , second – rates are pooled in.

Myth: With years of progress in education, reservation and even population; the only reason of taking admissions into private colleges has been subsided to unacceptance of government colleges that you wear as a medal. Private colleges never make selections, they only store humans of no use!

And we be like: 

Truth: There are rejections, entrances and they provide merit lists too. Oh yes!  There are.

  • People only go to waste their money.

Myth: Time and again students in private colleges get to hear this recital bully line “private kyu, bohot paisa aa raha hai?”.

Our reaction: 

Truth: There are limits, people! We have that limited amount of pocket money which is certainly countable. However, don’t you feel the same way for people getting in through management quota? Isn’t that a waste? Ponder please!

  • Time-Killers’ zone

Myth: Only that private colleges do not have elections and other campaigns. They think we are the most ‘vella people on earth’. we probably use it in other ways that certainly do not lead to riots , and other such discrepancies.

Our reaction: 

Truth: Apart from attendance agenda, there are a lot more activities to be dealt with. So no killing of time, ultimately.

  • Hub of alcohol and drugs !

GET IT STRAIGHT: Alcoholics , druggists, chain smokers are not only born in private colleges. We do not own copyright of the same. We are all innocent just like those in government colleges. Pun intended😉

Do we need to prove?

  • Hopeless and Helpless too

Truth: Private colleges don’t kill hopes, that role is better played by relatives and neighbours. After all, deciding on someone’s future is anyways a hot topic. Isn’t it?

There’s something more to it, private colleges have given a boom to the education system and has come up with the best side. The likes of BITS Pilani and Amity Noida have taken the education system by storm.

Bet, you have thought or said these things about your friends from private colleges. Now that you know you’re wrong, ah no issues; just don’t stereotype anymore.

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