Severus Snape Taught The World How To Love All Over Again!

Alan Rickman’s saddening demise had left all his fans and the acting community grieving. The giften actor, who embodied such icons as Severus Snape and Hans Gruber died of cancer at the age of 69.

He was a gifted actor, breathing life and nuance into Severus Snape, the potions professor and closet romantic who confused us throughout the Harry Potter series.  Though penned down by Rowling, it’s Rickman’s performance that brings Snape to life and makes him one of the most memorable and layered characters in modern literature. Indeed, it was his ability to capture the subtleties and emotional depth of the character that allowed Snape to teach us these important life lessons about love – we’ll remember. Always.

Love Is Understanding And Supporting

Even as there was no one who understood Lily, Snape helped her realise that she was special.  She lacked the support of her muggle family (remember when that bitch Petunia called her a freak, ugh) – No one cared but Snape.

You can love people even if they don’t love you back

Severus Snape and Lily Evans, Harry Potter’s mother, grew up together in Spinner’s End and befriended even before joining Hogwarts. Snape cared for and deeply loved Lily since their childhood but, as they say – Love isn’t always fair – she fell in love with James Potter. Were his feelings for her unrequited? Yep. But he continued to love her anyway.

True love extends beyond the person – we love everyone he/she cares about.

In the first book/movie itself, it was unvieled that Severus Snape – the cruel master was always trying to save Harry. Snape spent his entire adult life protecting the one person Lily cared for most in the world: Harry. Despite his heartbreak and resentment for his look-alike father, Snapeprotected Harry at every turn unconditionally.

The strongest love is unconditional.

Despite Lily marrying James, Snape always loved her and asked Dumbeldore to protect her. He was ready to sacrifice anything in the world to save her ladylove’s life.

Love is worth fighting for

Throughout the Harry Potter series, we see wizards, muggles and magical creatures fight for a variety of purposes — for good, for evil, for justice, for equality — but Snape always fights for love. In fact, his love for Lily is so strong that he risks everything and ultimately sacrifices himself to protect her son. We may not know his motive in the beginning, but Rickman’s portrayal of the character hints at the tortured man he truly is, endearing us to Snape despite his many faults.

Never underestimate another person’s capacity to love.

Seen as the cruelest and wicked scum, Snape turns fills everyone’s eyes with tears when his tears unviel his true identity. The one thought to be inhumane and incapable to love, turns out to the purest lover of all times. This is Snape.

Hasta La Vista Alan Rickman! See you Again! 🙂

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