Begging: An Underground Million Dollar Industry

One more achievement has been added to the list of incredible India. Our beggars are among the richest beggars in the world. They own crores of property, have multiple bank accounts, huge residential houses, cars, costly mobiles etc. This luxurious life is probably due to their different fool making tactics.

One may get amazed that how come these people earn such huge amounts. We generally give them some money, thinking that he can have some food. But the fact is astonishing, as there has been a tremendous growth in the number of beggars in India, the competition between them has increased. This has made them more cautious about their lives, making them hard working and consistent.

Otherwise striving for a living or for a single meal per day, our modern beggars have come up with new solutions to build new strategies of begging. They have devised many tricks, got themselves perfect in acting, singing, dancing, pretending as disabled, different ways to show case their poverty etc. They have also made many groupings among themselves so that with proper co-ordination they could make more money.

Once when asked a beggar about his skills, he revealed one of his ultimate tricks. He looked more experienced and seemed to be one the leader of his group. He said begging in a park with many lovers sitting is very very easy. The thing you need to do is go to them and interrupt their conversation in between by giving some fake reasons. First ask some money around 150 bucks to the female partner. This will make the guy think that if she pays, it will be insult for him and allow her think and judge about his financial status. So to get rid of this, the guy will suddenly pay the money and show her that he is financially very strong.

To gain public sympathy, the fake reasons given are related to family problems like “sir since morning i haven’t ate anything, my wife and my three children are hungry and as you know each meal cost  Rs 30 so it becomes a total of Rs 150”. There is many such fool making planned tactics. If each couple give around 100 rupees and if he goes to 20 such couple then it 2000 bucks. This earning is only during the second half of the day. In the morning the best places for begging would be temples, bus stands, railway platforms, theatre etc .Which is estimated to a collection around 1000 bucks. So overall the collection from a single day becomes 3000 bucks, which is 90,000 per month and 1.08 million annually.

One such crorepati beggar got caught at Patna railway station. A handicapped beggar with 4 bank accounts and property worth Rs 1.25 crore. The man is Pappu Kumar, and he begs at Patna every day. He was an aspiring engineer, an accident crippled him permanently. But then he inherited his family property, which he sold to buy a new property.He realized that his fractured left hand and leg could be a pity material for begging.

Which is why he’s found everyday on the Patna railway station platform, being regularly shooed away by the Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel? In fact, his possessions was revealed when the RPF took him into the custody in a beggar removal drive, and found his 4 ATM cards, with a 5 lakh cash balance.

On more investigation, he revealed that he’d loaned Rs. 10 lakh to small local traders at high interest rates. When asked him to get treated he said , “If I am cured, how will I continue begging?”  This is what he owns today: 2000 square feet of land worth Rs 1.25 crore and 5 lakh rupees in cash.

Many a places beggar are seen threatening people for money.Their dis-respecting way of begging make us angry . As these beggars don’t pay any type of taxes to the government, the economic growth of country is decreasing and affecting the GDP of the nation. There is an urgent need to study the statistical growth of these beggars.Which could help us devise new methods and to come up with quick solutions to make a beggar free India.

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