Night view of Gurgaon, in Gurgaon on Monday. Express Photo by Manoj Kumar. 15.02.2016. *** Local Caption *** Night view of Gurgaon, in Gurgaon on Monday. Express Photo by Manoj Kumar. 15.02.2016.

No more Gurgaon, Ice-Skate This Summer In Gurugram.

Gurgaon is a proliferating suburb on the outskirts of Delhi. It is also known as the millennium city. Owing to rapid urbanization it is popularly known as the Industrial hub of NCR. Over the time people have been arguing about loss of ‘rich heritage’ due to large scale urbanization. Looking forward to restore the glory of culture and tradition of the city, the Haryana government changed the city’s name to ‘Gurugram’ yesterday.
Success story of Gurugram started during late 20th century. In 1970 Maruti Suzuki India Limited established its manufacturing plant in the city for the first time; it marked the beginning of a new era. At present Gurugram accommodates over 250 Fortune 500 companies. Also, it is the city with third highest per capita income in India.
The name Gurugram is derived from Guru Dronacharya, famous teacher of the Pandavas in Hindu epic Mahabharata. According to folklores the village (Gurugram) was offered to him as ‘guru dakshina’ by his disciples, as an appreciation of his training. Prior to all the urbanization, skyscraper and national highways, the village was named Gurugram only. So, in case you were wondering the cause behind the change of name, this is the reason given by the state government.
Only time will tell whether or not residents will appraise this abrupt decision of state government, albeit the twitter exploded with lots of funny tweets. One of the tweet read, “Gurgaon now called #Gurugram. When will Telangana be called Telegram, Digboi be called Diagram,Anand called Anagram and Monohurpur Monogram.”
While some gave suggestions to change other states’ name, a few trolled high-fashioned culture of Delhi. One of the teenagers tweeted, “Gurugram sounds more like a photo uploading app for Delhiites.”
A spokesperson of Aam Aadmi Party, R.S. Rathee asked the Haryana government to focus on developing the infrastructure in the city, improve the water supply, connectivity, and address important issues like unemployment and rising crime rate instead of resorting to such cosmetic measures. Backing his statement, he further questioned, “What is the government going to achieve with name change?”

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