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Are We Not Crushing Men Under The Banner Of Gender Equality?

In the present situation it will be politically incorrect to speak against women, as everybody now is concerned about the crimes of women. But it is much needed since justice is a right of every individual regardless of their gender. Gender equality is not only a ‘women’s concern’ but the responsibility of all individuals and of the society as whole and requires the active contribution and input from both women and men.

(A hilarious take on Gender Inequality)

In the past, gender equality policies have been contextualised mainly as a women’s issue: the battle for gender equality has mainly been fought by women and for the women. However, recent times have witnessed an unfair increase in crushing of men under the banner of equality. Listed below are some instances and statistics giving a bird’s view on this often-neglected topic.

1. 53% rape case found in the rape capital city Delhi against men are happened to be false.

sexual haressment

In lieu of all the noise for the women equality, some women tend to misuse this. Remember the Jasleen and Sarabjeet case, where the ‘brave’ and so-called ‘correct’ woman taught her assaulter a lesson by defaming him on social media? Well, such cases happen every other day. No one seems to pay attention to them though.

2. In most of the cases for no fault, the in-laws, especially old parents, sisters, brothers, children of the husband are imprisoned the moment a false complaint is filed against them by a woman under Section 498 A.498A

It was just a few days before that we did a video post, which unveiled how a lady mistreated her mother-in-law. While no action has yet been taken on her, talk about the concern of the society for young girls and men being suppressed by her in-laws and the statistics say the rest.

3. Men have a copyright on being wrong. We are wrong, always!

wife husband fight

You shout at her and you are subjugating her. She is being oppressed. She shouts at you – she is voicing dissent against atrocities. Who’s wrong? Men, always!

You ask/let her to work and you become a worthless man who sustain’s on his wife’s loaf. You do not let her work, you are being narrow-minded.

She wants equality in all arenas of life, but it is you who has to wait in long queues. She gets education for free (even if she’s well-to-do and comes from an modern family), she’s a woman. You sell out your fortune for the same.

A man walks the same lane as a woman – arrested for following and eavesdropping. Even if a woman assaults a man sexually – how can she do that, she’s a woman – we become liars!

Basically, in anything and everything, men are wrong. We are perceived as hounds full of lust. Dear society, not all men are like that.

4. Men may seem to harass women physically, but it is the women who harasses them mentally.

Statistics clearly show that men’s suicide rate is twice that of the women. At work places, at malls, at homes, who do you think is mentally harassed? suicide_data

5. We have commission for women, children but don’t have any government organisation regarding any domestic issues against men.


Reason? Because we are strong. “Men don’t cry”, a famous cliche has been on a run since eternity. Why? Men don’t have hearts? Aren’t they humans too? So, basically from the very start the society teaches us to shut our emotions in and gives full freedom to the women. They weep and the world comes to rescue. Men don’t and they are shoved. Fair enough? :/

Meanwhile we wait for things to change, here’s our all-time favourite ‘Gogo’ in his amazing speech:

(Men, you can let your heart out below)

(Women, please do consider this.)

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