length of a fabric on a girl's body is not a measure of her character

Length of a fabric on a girl’s body is not a measure of her character!

“Mother always tells me that the brightest smile she saw my father’s face was on the day I was born. His mood was probably at its best, and his blood pressure must have improved then; something quite the contrary to his stress-induced lifestyle she says. Out in the hallway of the hospital, someone said something to him and my mother recalls his worries and insecurity manifest on his face again.”

Every girl witnesses those faces contorted with worries on her parent’s face.

India is a land of stereotypes, there lies no denying in that. With time and tide, things have changed, and with a patriarch society now driven into extinction, a more morally correct one replaces it. But as one scrapes absurd superstitions out of this place, in some nook or cranny its remnants remain, only to fulfill its vicinity with a putrid, rancid stench of something old and decaying. Such are these outdated sexist ideologies. From “Agni Pariksha” of Sita in epic Ramayana to the label-game on every single girl, all our society has ever done is objectify and then judge women.

Women in rural areas of the nation are still characterised as inferior and it is in these areas that absurd practices against women take place. But it certainly is disappointing when that even in supposedly developed and modern areas, women are being criticised for what they wish to adorn themselves with. It is peculiar when people consider that the length of modern piece of fabric determines character. Care to know the true character of a girl, see the length of her skirt! Wow people!


Don’t go far away. Just switch on the rewind button in head and ask yourself:

What did you call a girl in a miniskirt, who had a lot of male friends swooning over her, but she didn’t give a damn?

And, what did you call that girl in salwar who sat is the class isolated, probably buried in books and bearing a smile on her face?

Got it? You called the first girl a slut, a proud shit and the other one, old-fashioned ‘behenji’. There you go. Just a look at her demeanour and the know-it-all, wise person spits ‘labels’.

And here’s to those narrow minded blokes who still acknowledge sexist and misogynist traditions. It isn’t the culture anymore dude.

What’s worse than backward people having misogynist beliefs? It’s co-existing with well qualified and highly educated people such as lawyers, politicians, senior citizens and other dignitaries whoEnough Said! are of the opinion that women get raped because of their attire, attitude or some absurd reasons. We have all lend ears to their awful mindsets, sadly some have gracefully accepted that as well.

They believe that girls allure men by their short ‘revealing’ dresses. Statistics evince that girls from the age of 6 months to ladies of 93, they have been cases of rapes and murder. Working by this logic of these stereotypes, I fail to understand how a 6 month old child who can barely wipe the drool off her chin arouse a “fine gentleman“!

Also, if a girl is drunk, not in her senses, if she wears shorts, if she smokes, you don’t get the right to judge her mate. And now please don’t argue with the point of cultural degradation, this doesn’t abases our culture at all.

To tell a parent to let their daughter have fun and be a bit more outgoing isn’t going to suffice when one part of the society would shun this and the other would prey on it. Parents and grandparents must have once had the fear of a girl child being born. The figures say that and numbers don’t lie. The inculcated fear of raising a daughter has resulted in 12 million girls being aborted over the past three decades.

Is this the nation where women were worshiped? A nation where they either get to live with indignity or die in oblivion? Loads of articles and debates have brought this issue to the limelight. Maybe now we must come to the realisation that equality between genders as well as equal treatment is a pre requisite for the foundation of a better tomorrow. Sound common sense, if in your reserve, shall appraise you of this fact.

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