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Seven Little Things To Make A Woman’s Day

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It’s 8th of the March already, time of the year when we see hundreds of posts on the social media about how to treat women in the best possible way, or how to make her feel special for that matter. Being a guy, not to mention, a son, a brother, and a boyfriend, I can tell you everything you do for them is definitely worth their smile. We bring a set of small steps we can all take to ensure a better world to them.

Now, make no mistake, this article addresses every woman out there. A mother, A sister, A friend, and A partner.

1. Make her feel loved

Compatibility, adjustment, respect, and thousands of other feelings are secondary. If you really want to see a person happy, love them. Unconditionally. Every once in a while, cook a surprise dinner for your mother, and thank her for cleaning your pee and poo, for a real long time. Smile on her face will be priceless.

2. Acknowledge her

Hug your sister and let her know, you’ll be by her side, no matter what. Call a friend and apologise, if you ever judged her, and tell her how boring life would be without her. Hold your partner’s hand, kiss her, and tell how proud you’re to have her by your side.

3. Take her shopping

Oh, yes! Not just your girlfriend, any woman you take shopping, you’ve already made her happy. It’s not a sexist remark, but they do love shopping. This not only is a gentleman’s gesture, but also a way of acknowledging their worth.

4. Take her stand

Out of everything a woman wants, or rather deserves is someone who will stand beside her, and have her back. Not because she’s weak, but she wants you to be strong for her. Don’t turn your back on when your mother tries to converse in English in public, tell her how cute she looks when she does that. Break and help them break all stereotypes. Remember they must enjoy as much liberty as you do.

5. Take A Vow. Respect Them In Actions.

We all want our sisters and mothers to be respected. Talk about other girls, and the feeling vanished? Double Standards again? Everyone bats for women safety, and the same people go out on streets swagging about the ‘behen’ and the ‘madar’ words. No matter what we say, in what context we say, most men have these words glued to their tongues.

It is time we truly start respecting women. Let’s not be a hypocrite on one ground at the least? Much to ask?

6. Be righteous

Let’s face it guys, no woman likes a liar. Especially MOTHERS!! They teach you to be a good and honest citizen. She expects a certain level of integrity from her. A man with a code is someone who can protect his family. Who doesn’t want that?

7. Listen to her

You might be the one to yell at the interns in the office, or the one to sign the orders. When you come back home, take some time out, just listen to what your partner has to say. Sit with your daughter and ask her about her school. Try to know what your mother wants. Don’t talk, quietly listen, and secretly admire the most magnificent creation of god.
All said and done guys, call your mom, sister, and every woman in your life, you hold close to your heart. Run down to the memory lane, if you have to, and remind them how important they are. Trust me, they deserve it, without any second thought. This is the least we can do.

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