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Illuminating Lives, They Are The ‘Savera’ Every Poor Child Dreams Of

Confined to the narrow terrains of gross-materialism and dancing to the tunes of ambitions, for most people the search for the eternal bliss never ends. Perseverance rewards a man with befitting success, money buys luxuries, family brightens his world with love; but there’s still something – absence of which creates a vacuum in one’s heart. The Joy Of Helping People. Most people don’t see it, let alone realising. But there are some, like these students from Haryana who not only timely realise this fact, but also strive to be blessed with this eternal bliss.

Students at D.C.R.U.S.T. University and teachers at ‘Savera’, a student-run school under Community Development Programme; this bunch of selfless and devoted volunteers epitomise humanitarian services.

When a ‘Savera’ ended the long, dark nights…

Conceptualised and Initialised by Mr. Veersein Vashishth, a 2008 alumnus of the university, Savera was the perfect antidote to the perpetual state of poverty of the people of Murthal. Illiteracy is the pedestal on which the vicious nets of unemployment, debts etc. are woven. Should the pedestal be removed, the menace would not take long to breathe its last.

Affirming this line of idea, the then Vice-Chancellor of the University, Dr. H. S. Chahal supported their noble initiative of teaching the underprivileged kids. What began with a handful of volunteers and a couple of students has today, metamorphosed into a revolution that has brought about significant changes in the lives of 200 students!


Before ‘Savera’, the locals had little idea of admissions. Many sent their children to work instead of schools. Many cringed but no one had a solution to end these drowning nights. This initiative first focused on spreading the importance of education; for education to flourish, proper mindsets are a prerequisite and that had to be inculcated in the locals. ‘Savera’ deals at ground level realities and recognises (not promotes) that some children work for a living and move from one place to another as their work demands. Their initiatives of surveying and awareness help such students secure admissions in various schools near their work locations.

‘Savera’ aims at igniting the fire to learn. For once the fire is lit, all obstacles will wear down and there shall not come a halt.

When kids feel socialised and accepted… It means they are “Uplifted”, believes every angel at Savera.

An Unconventional School

‘Savera’ is nothing like a boring and conventional school. Kudos to the fact that students run it, the administration of the school believes there ought to be a balance between discipline and innovation.

This school does not show pity at the underprivileged like various NGOs. When we called their students ‘poor’, their decent objection to that filled us with pride. The current head at Savera, Mr. Rahul Setia says;

“Don’t call them poor, Call them Saverians. We believe in instilling confidence in them and they must feel being pitied at.”

Here is a documentary video, beautifully capturing a day at Savera:

Whilst regular classes of various subjects are held in an orderly fashion, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are organised on a priority basis. Aware of how imperative soft skills are, the school aims to arm its students with the required artillery to fight in the real world. Through a variety of cultural and sports programmes like Dance, Arts, Theatre, Football and Debates; the students’ personalities are groomed. These students are encouraged to perform in the D.C.R.U.S.T. cultural fests, thus felicitating them with a platform to grow and be appreciated. Also, students take part in various technical events to improve technical skills at Technical fests.


The teachers and the students celebrate every colour of life together. Be it the ‘white’ colour of nervousness or the ‘green’ of prosperity, they are in it together. People at ‘Savera’ do not consider their act as ‘a help’ or ‘an obligation’ to someone. To these noble souls, this is their duty. They believe in everyone having equal opportunity to grow and here are they, leaving no stones unturned to make that a reality.


Gently they mould them and a life comes alive,

from caterpillar to butterfly, it takes a pupa to thrive… 

Attached to these kids as much as they are, volunteers at ‘Savera’ do not let emotions block their students’ success. Evidently, they have got two of their students admitted in the prestigious Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. Another 11 students who study in a private school, the ex-‘Saverians’ feel blessed to have teachers and friends who sponsor their education.

Contributing To Society, In Every Manner Possible

Imparting the nuggets of knowledge is itself a commendable feat. Changing mindsets of people and assuring them of a better future for their kids entrenches one faith in optimism and goodness. Through all their efforts in moulding a child, volunteers strive to prepare an ideal citizen for the nation.Educate a girl

This school teaches the basics of life and provokes them to question. They teach their students the right way to think instead of imparting pre-conceived notions of righteousness. Racism, Casteism,and all other plagues paralysing the nation are critically discouraged and the feeling of unity is promoted.

Other than these indirect small steps, ‘Savera’ never steps back when it comes to contributing to the society. Following the “Clean India Mission” initiated by PM Modi, Savera family also conducted various cleanliness and awareness drives appraising people of the ill-effects of unkempt surroundings.

Challenges And Road Ahead…

With the mindsets of people changing and more students registering for classes, the biggest challenge has been borne down. Increasing number of students, however, calls for increase in the supply of stationary and rise in facilities. Generous locals, family friends, and teachers at DCRUST have been helping with the finances till now, but if the initiative is to brighten futures of more students, a funding is what it needs.Discussing future course of action at Savera

Such a selfless act of humanity deserves not mere appreciation but support of the people and the government.  The Haryana Government must come forward to acknowledge ‘Savera’ and start providing them with government funds.

While we wait for that to happen, if you wish to donate for this noble cause, please reach out to them at their facebook page.

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