Organ donated by Deyaan Udani

This Kid Taught The World About The Importance Of Organ Donation

Life’s greatest assets lie in the eternal bliss experienced while rendering helping hands. This is ideally the only one thing that distinguishes mankind from other mammals. Humans can think, make decisions and progress together as a whole. Despite having such a blessing, few men make choices that adorn the name of humanity. Blinded in the mists of materialism and misled by superstitions, people can often be seen turning blind eyes to the needy. Amidst such inhumane beings, there are however, some saviours – men of god – who render helping hands and reiterate the purpose of life. Here is a story of a seven year old child who underwent organ donation and became immortal by the kind act of his.

Deyaan Udani, an NRI child donated four of his organs few days back. This is one of the greatest record in Indian history as nobody has gifted this many organs in such a little age. This little guy from Sydney who, accompanied by his parents, came to Mumbai on vacation, complained of a severe headache on Jan 22: the day they were scheduled to fly back home. The poor soul could not make it back as he collapsed and was rushed to Hinduja Hospital where he was diagnosed with severe cerebral sinus venous thrombosis. What followed was tragic for the parents. The doctors announced that his seven year old brain is dead due to blood clotting.

Shattered into broken pieces though his mother’s heart must have been, she did not waste time and fulfilled the last wish of the departed soul. Deyaan ‘s mother Mili  Udani, registered as organ donor  at the drop of a hat said that they wanted to donate organs. “Coincidentally, this year itself my children had learnt about organ donation in school…Both of them said they would want to be donors when they grew up,” Mili said. Consequently, nine yards of Deyaan’s body (Heart, Two Kidneys and a Liver) breathed life in four bodies.

Deyaan’s heart was given to a seven-year-old girl suffering from end-stage organ failure. His kidneys were donated to an 11-year-old and 15-year-old, while his liver went to a 31-year-old. What he did at such a tender age is a feat which can seldom be accredited on any grown-up’s roll. According to a study published in the national daily, The Times Of India; five lakh people die every year because of non-availability of organs. Nationally, with a population of 1.2 billion people, the statistic stands at 0.08 persons as organ donors per million population (PMP). This certainly is an abysmally low count to any sane mind.

Though, many social campaigns and awareness programs have been undertaken both by the government and the NGO, an observable change is far from sight. The malpractice of organ trafficking, futile religious illusions, family bondage, orthodox societal views and unavailability of a channelised organ donation ecosystem are the prime factors that deter the growth of the culture of organ donation. Added to it, are the rich pockets throwing millions in exchange for organs thus establishing their right to live over someone more needy or poor.

The vicious circle of all these factors combined have cost many a lives and the trend seems incorrigible. It is, in the light of these facts, that I personally opine that the courage and wisdom of Deyaan’s parents is commendable. They did not care for a better death ceremony for their child. Instead, donated each and every valuable part of their son and engraved his name in the sands of time. This is, I think extending unconditional love to each and every living being on earth. A saying which goes on as “an individual’s life is successful not by the number of degrees he or she attains but by the degree of humanitarian activities that individual is into on a day to day basis”; to this case there is probably the seconds to seconds basis. As the acceptors who got their organs transplanted were also in their final stages. Any further delay in transplanting would have made them  accompany their saviour – Deyaan .

It is essential to understand the fact that we are extremely lucky to have everything we desire at any point of the time we need. The essence of life is to “live and let live”. One does not need a hefty bank account to contribute towards humanitarian activities. People are willing to pay thousands of bucks for their medical check-up but when it comes to pay for humanity, they turn broke. What, if not utter disgrace, can it be termed? When your organ is of no use to you, why not save someone else’s life?

Not everyone think this. To think like a human, one needs to be human. So try personifying your species’ name the next time. One can depict humanity with small kind acts of his.

Paying your domestic help fairly is humanity.

Lifting the heavy bag of an old woman is humanity!

Helping a disabled to cross the road is humanity!

To do something big, start small. Remember : We are all members of the same boat called Life. If there is hole in the boat, sooner or later, we shall all die. So, join hands and help one another!

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