Alone is what I have. Alone protects me.

11 Things Every Introvert Will Relate To

Do you know anyone like a coconut? Are you a coconut yourself? In this era of social networking and virtual communication, living in desolation to some or well, most people is no cakewalk. Life gets tougher for introverts, every day.  Coconuts are intriguing, they are unique and most of all, they can be the best friend you will ever find. I can say with such confidence because I happen to be a coconut myself.

If you happen to know someone who just doesn’t like talking much or doesn’t approach strangers or acquaintances for a chit-chat schedule, or if you are that very person: you will definitely relate to these real struggles of all introverts.

1. Introverts Are Not Cold Creatures. They are not depressed either. Just because we don’t talk to everyone or participate in their boring conversation, shouldn’t make anyone wonder, “Everything Alright?”

Don't give a damn

People often think we are always sad, just because we are a little more quiet than them. We aren’t cold to anyone. It’s just poking nose in every topic, whether we know about it or not isn’t us. We let other people do that.

2. We ignore everything we are unable to stomach, because we don’t want to be seen as weak.


We hate being termed a weak. Introvert boys are generally termed ‘girls’ and introvert girls – ‘typical girls’. And we do take offence at that, but then again no use talking much. We put up a brave face and let the flow uninterrupted.

3. And we aren’t. We are adventurous and like to explore as much as possible. A trip alone to a unknown land is not scary for us.

on a trip

Talk about discovering things and we take the first place. Introverts are observant and like discovering new opportunities and places. Battling with all the people around everyday, we have enough strength to stand by us for anything. A lone trip to a place is no big deal.

4. Though we want our friends (Aye, We also have some) to come. We are okay without them as well. 

Travelling alone

Yeah, we are. But if a friend doesn’t come along, that is the only time we feel lonely.

5. We like being independent always, socially and financially. We solve our struggles by own own and abhor those who do nothing but crib at theirs.


There are a lot of people who crib at their problems and do nothing about it. We literally abhor such people. They ask us to get a life, someone else needs to it seems though.

5. We feel awful when someone is rude to us, but like every other thing we bottle it up inside.

hiding feelings

We forgive people easily, for we just don’t think it’s worthy to waste time getting angry at them. We do feel awful and we forgive. But we still remember. We forgive not forget.

7. But that doesn’t mean we have nothing to say. We do have our own point of view. 

Shahid Kapoor

Why does everyone think we have no point of view of our own? Just because we don’t chit-chat like them full day long? We have lots to say and we do say that all, but at the right time and to the right person.

8. And while we may not be a chatter bird all day long, we are of immense help if you want sound advice. For, we don’t sugarcoat it. It is best served raw. 

sheldon cooper

We don’t sugarcoat things. While we can console our friends but if they are wrong for something, we’ll be the first ones to tell them.

9. Don’t think of us as the unsocial colleague. It’s just that bonding with others isn’t one of our biggest strengths.

Introvert - Kill me now. :/


10. We do not befriend everyone. For ‘friend’ for us means more than a say-hi-then-goodbye word.

MinionCall it being careful, full of pride, lonely or whatever; but we choose our friends wisely. To us, friends are life and we better not mistake choosing what life we want.

We reply to everyone, can even hangout at times. But it still doesn’t mean we are friends. ‘Acquaintances’ is a word they have made for it. Though these acquaintances can later turn into friends, it takes a lot of time for us to do so.

We believe friendship is not a say-hi-then-goodbye sort of thing.

And we respect it.

11. But once we do, they are not mere ‘friends’. They are family.

best friends

But once befriend someone, he becomes family. Just like we stay by our family’s side in thick and thin and despite their rebukes, we stay by them. Their orders then bring a smile on our face and their requests make us feel like we are the loneliest. Anything and everything for them! That us!

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