Teenage Life Is Messy, Says An Obnoxious Teen

Stress and Tensions have taken everyone by the tongue. Everyone seems to be caught in a rat race. All people of the world are busy and occupied. Aye, millennials? The only ones free of any stress are the teens. Or, are they? A typical teen these days, often faces a crushing mountain of stress from numerous factors. Some of them being: competitiveness in academics and sports, the need to be trendy – in fashion and sociable (or basically to be cool), and the attraction towards the opposite or same sex necessitates the individual to employ those tactics in order to woo their beloved.

In certain cases, bullying, family issues, and far more grievous situations invoke a tremendous amount of stress in a teenager. Typically, a teen grows both mentally and emotionally and becomes more tolerant to the regular stress simulators. But under some circumstances, some succumb to all that pressure and tend to adopt a bad habit of some sort or just choose to give up entirely. The follow up is obviously comprehensible by any teenager or adult.

Teenage life is wonderful at times, but after that short interval of these moments, only a meta-human would survive the rampage of one’s raging hormones, the irregular sleep patterns, the peer pressure and other such factors which cause stress. I do recall my personal encounter with some of them. It was on the first day of my board exams. While almost every classmate I had interacted with that morning; looked stressed, gloomy and near dead with their acne and dark circles caused by sleep deprivation. On the other hand, in a more secluded section of the school, were assembled the Meta humans. The only ones in peace. They possessed neither the lightning speed nor the fins to swim in water, but they did have a sharp memory, and a thorough understanding of every subject they had to sit for during their exams. Yes, these were the toppers, the geeks and the only people with a glow on their face that day, like as if the months spent for their preparation was more of a honeymoon in a high end resort.

Besides the usual ups and downs a teen faces, the most wonderful part about this phase of life is that each individual undergoes a vibrant and singular experience another can never get the exact feeling of, such as those first experiences, or as I would like to call them, the ‘firsts’ which an individual is subjected to usually during this age, such as their first kiss, their first relationship, first break up, first puff from a cigarette, first sip of alcohol, first night out  and so on. It is indeed the ‘Firsts’ that make a teen’s life fueled with excitement, thrill and ecstasy. The first relationship I had been in lasted longer for me than for the girl I was with, since by the third week we were supposedly together, she was with another fellow and I was still dreaming of the day I would marry her. She dumped me sometime during the fourth week.

Though I too have had an eventful three years as a teen and have had most of my Firsts, I still greatly envy those who have made teenage life look like a cake walk; the successful lot who have juggled academics, sports and their social life (the aforementioned Meta humans) and unbeknownst to how one succeeds in having the ideal teenage life, I have often failed in instances where the vast multitudes of teens have triumphed in take for instance; a normal relationship with a person.

All I have learned in my teenage years so far (Girls, I am still young, btw :p), I would like to pass on to my readers. I wish to address a lot of confused teenagers and pre-teens on how to exploit the absolute potential of the best, most exuberant part of their life.

  1. Don’t hesitate to try something different, like art, music, sports or learning something outside of your curriculum.
  2. Try something ridiculous once in awhile, as long as said activity doesn’t affect you negatively in the long run.
  3. Most importantly, if you’re emotionally disturbed and stressed out, fret not, talk to someone close and open up, it’ll help you keep your cool.
  4.  PostAnd for people who say these, remember making mistakes is absolutely fine. Screwing things up makes sense. You just need to know how to fix them. That’s all.

The tale of my self is only a cautionary one, as those thwarting and awkward situations I’ve put myself into will only make me remembered as some twit who messed up on a behemoth level, yet managed to sneak into another day of his life. Surely if somebody out there could relate to some of the incidents I have undergone, I’d be glad. And if anyone could author a step by step guide such as a ‘Teenage life for Dummies’ please do notify me about it as I am in dire need of one.

(If you feel an urge to write about your teenage experience, feel free to send us your story at contact.antwhirl@gmail.com)


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