Swami Vivekananda, We need you now, more than ever before

India has always been the land of enlightenment and wisdom to the world. In the darkest of times – when looking for solutions, the world has always looked upon India as a guiding mother. Sadly, today she finds herself entrapped amidst the dilemmas of pseudo-secularists and religious fanatics. Forgetting her essence and with its leaders swayed by crony-capitalism and socialism, the golden phoenix still awaits resurrection.

Losing one’s essence, one can hardly succeed. One’s innate strength lies in recognising one’s true self. So busy did our leaders become in chasing the west, that development of our nation took a back seat. This January 16th brings a fresh hope though.

For, the first time does any leader (PM Modi) see a role model in Swami Vivekanada and is working on his principles to channelize the energy of the youth through powerful schemes like, “Make In India”, “Skill India Mission” and “StartUp india, Standup India”.

Vivekanada was born as a legatee to all the great saints and sages who had sculpted the spirit of India. He was born in one of the darkest nights of Indian history – Probably to lighten up the path – bright as a star as he was. India had then been wandering directionless and Hinduism had begun being manipulated by both the ruler British and the self-proclaimed men of god. Vedas were nearing a dead end.

Charming and Influential, Vivekananda was an unending source of energy to famous freedom fighters like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Mahatma Gandhi.  His vision was clear – to build India on the edifice of the Vedas.

“I do not see into the future; nor do I care to see. But one vision I see clear as life before me is that the ancient mother has awakened once more, sitting on her throne rejuvenated more glorious than ever. Proclaim her to the entire world with the voice of peace and benediction.”

Christened “Hurricane Hindu” by the American Media, Swamiji challenged every misconception and broke many orthodox rules. Had only Swamiji lived long enough to let the masses absorb his philosophy in their nerves, the mother would by now be sitting on her throne. Some of the obstacles he tried blowing were:


Year 2015 witnessed grave troubles stomaching repeated setbacks – all thanks to the distorted versions of Hinduism and Hindutva presented by its advocates. Swami Vivekananda never believed in worshipping idols, nor did he present an exaggerated picture of gods. All issues of Beef, idol worship and destiny were myth to him. His faith was entrenched in the principle of, “Service to mankind is service to God.”  He insisted on serving the living God present in human temple. Don’t waste your energy in stone temples. He said intellectuality should go with Buddha’s compassion. He further went ahead quoting his Guru Sri-Ramakrishna “who are you the insignificant, crawling on earth, to show compassion to others? Not compassion, rather worship the poor through service, the living God.”


Swamiji always loathed the caste system that separated one human being from one of his own kind. India still needs people to practice what Swami preached. First time in Indian Hinduism history, Swami Vivekananda allowed Sudra (the 4th varna) to join as monks in asram and worship in temple. Earlier Vedas and Upanishads study were prohibited for Surda. Smriti holds that Veda is not to be read in the vicinity of a Sudra. “His tongue is to be slit if he pronounces it; his body is to be cut through if he preserves it.” Swamiji broke this tradition and published Upanishads for the access of all. It was not a simple task to break this old age tradition.


It is due to Swami Vivekananda’s courage that Hindus travel across the globe so freely. At his time, travelling abroad meant losing one’s identity – comes along his religion.  No Hindu monk had crossed the sea because of above fear. Swamiji even used to eat with foreigners and made many disciples in foreign lands including women disciples. Interestingly Supreme Court took him as a model to give a historical verdict on foreign travel allowing people to travel abroad.

Swamiji always resisted illogical and disuniting factors. His vision was unity and integrity of thoughts, which came only to spill in seconds. Caught in the vicious nets of chasing and drooling over the gross-materialism of the west and underestimating our own capabilities, we sank deeper into the oceans of ignorance.

To emerge out again, India needs its youth – in whom Swami Vivekananda put his faith to lead by his principles and propel India out of the dilemma over her Vedic ethos.

Still feels like Vivekananda is asking us all, “Remember that the nation lives in the cottage. The fate of a nation depends up on the condition of the masses. Can you raise them? Can you give them back their lost individuality without making them lose their innate spiritual nature? “

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