Ten Most Effective Tips For Gym Beginners


Setting foot in the gym for the first time, as exciting as it seems, one should never overlook certain important factors. These factors play a crucial role in building up your muscles or cutting your body fat for that matter.

In order to accomplish your fitness goals, you ought to start on a right track. Being a gym enthusiast myself, I couldn’t help but notice; often beginners tend to inculcate bad habits. What people fail to understand is, once a poor routine is developed, you’ll find yourself struggling to achieve your goals of being toned or getting lean.

Now, I am here to tell you, you can get the very physique you aspire for. I’ve a list of ten most effective tips for gym beginners, and for those who have pledged for a better lifestyle. Read them, follow them, and I bet on it that you’ll see the difference.

1. STAY REGULAR- One thing that I’ve understood is you can’t be great by procrastinating. Adding “workout” to your new year’s resolution is definitely a firm start, but you won’t see any result unless there’s a consistency in your routine. Human body is a complex material, it needs time to develop.

Experts say, “It takes 21 days to develop a habit.” So if next time skipping the gym annoys you instead of relieving you, welcome to the club. You’re a fitness freak now.

Patience is virtue, and consistency is the key for wholesome development of the body.


2. EXTRA ATTENTION ON DIET- Contemporary to workout is your meal. Anyone can workout for an hour. What really matters is, what revolves around your plate for next 23 hours. The ratio of diet and workout for a fit body is 70:30.

I know, the word ‘diet’ might sound haunting, but I am not asking you to live on cereals and water. Exclude all the junk food, and other crap from your diet, and include protein, and green vegetables in your every meal. Even if you can’t hit the gym, eat clean, you’ll see some remarkable results.

Let me give you a pro tip- having eggs (white) for the breakfast reduces calorie consumption, time for some change in routine then?


3. LIFT WITH PROPER POSTURE- I know the feeling when you see a little muscle gains on your biceps. Trust me, I know. It’s very fascinating, right? What you do not want to do is, rush to lift heavier weight with improper posture.

The injury caused by improper posture is detrimental. Spine is the most sensitive body part in this case. Unless you’re a pro power lifter, or are being trained in a specific way, I advise you to keep your lower back slightly arched, chest up, and your neck and head straight and neutral, irrespective of the exercise you’re performing.

No matter if you perform bicep curl with 15 kg instead of 20 kg, if your posture’s perfect, so will be your gains.


4. PERFORM COMPOUND MOVEMENTS- To get the best results for muscle growth and fat loss, it’s better to start with compound lifts like bench press, squats, shoulder press, pull-up, deadlift, and lunge. Multiple muscle groups are involved during these exercises. Performing these exercises allow you to lift heavy weights, hit more muscles, and enhance your metabolic rate.

If you’re hitting the gym for very first time, performing an exercise which will include only one muscle won’t give you best results. Choose a set of exercise that will include atleast half of your body’s muscle group.


5. DON’T LOSE CONFIDENCE IN THE BEGNNING- I’ve seen people, who give up on themselves within a month. Nothing hurts me more than that. You see a pumped up man, looking no less than a beast, and you think you don’t belong here. On a second thought, think about his first day as well. Inferiority complex is natural, but bluntly speaking, between your gains and weights, there’s no space for it in the gym.

If next time you think of giving up, take a moment and picture yourself after 10 months. You don’t want to be the one with fewer muscles and more excuses. You don’t have to be the most experienced person in the room; you’ve to be most hardworking one.


6. HEALTHY ROUTINE- Structure your day very systematically. A proper layout of plans should be in your mental notes. Fitness is a lifestyle, not just constrained to the gym. Plan your meals properly. While people are worried about post-workout diet, they ignore pre-workout.

Pre-workout diet is essential, and shouldn’t be taken for granted. It gives you energy during your workout session. Avoid pizza, soft drinks and oily items. Include stretching in your routine to get maximum results.


7. KEEP LEARNING- One thing your gym doesn’t need from you is your ego. Leave it outside the room. Working out is not constant. You learn something new every day, provided you’ve eye for learning. Grasp infinite knowledge, because it will benefit no one but you.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask about the techniques, or diets. No one will shut you out, as a matter of fact; they will guide you in right direction.

If you’re too shy to ask, talk to your trainer personally. Why are you paying them after all?


8. STAY AWAY FROM MYTHS- This is a world of misconceptions and myths. You’ve got to stay away from them. Always try to know and understand the logic behind anything you do. Be it your workout, or your meal. For example, you don’t have to be a die-hard non vegetarian to get shredded. Vegans too, are excelling in this field.

Protein supplements are not harmful. Steroids are! (I am hundred percent natural.)

You don’t have to eat just chicken and broccolis to gain muscles. I can slash 30 such myths. You’ve to have a better understanding and a rational approach to achieve your fitness goals.


9. TAKE REST- Never undermine rest. I repeat never! Body requires rest to grow. Resting is as important as your workout session. Even more important on some days. One should get a sound sleep of atleast 8 hours in a day.

Taking the weekend off is advisable, eat and sleep on Sundays.

To obtain maximum results, sufficient rest is mandatory. This keeps you fresh and healthy, both physically and mentally.

10. ENJOY IT- Whatever you do, make sure, you enjoy it. Monotonous routine won’t help you grow. Trick your body, keep your exercises interesting. It’s been over a year now, and there’s not a single day when I can’t wait to hit the gym. Be it working out, yoga, or any part of your day, if it doesn’t interest you, it’s not worth it.


I hope it was helpful, and also you enjoyed it. If you’ve any questions or suggestions, leave them in comment box. Also if you want to know about anything related to workout, diet plans, etc. Feel free to share, and stay fit.

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